Hoppler - a jump'n'jump game for iOS

Berlin, Germany - Announcing that apfelbaumGROUP UG and TripleM, the developers of Hoppler, has released their latest update. The addictive game has now received GameCenter support.

Here is a short vid that tells you about Hoppels misery:

The plot

Being kicked out of his cozy nest by a bully, Hoppel finds himself down at the jungle floor. As he is not able to fly yet, he depends on his bouncing skills to gather his friends and eventually face the bully in the end. On his way up, Hoppel faces deadly killer-bees, man-eating bullfrogs, circular saws on the loose and other many perils.

The game

You control the game by tilting the device. Contrary to other similar games, the levels are not randomly generated. Instead, all 25 levels are hand-crafted with great attention to detail. We took special care on the fine-tuning of the game and and we’re convinced that Hoppler is a skill-challenge extraordinaire. Maybe you’ll find some levels to be too tricky but we promise that they are all completable.

The goals

Various achievements make Hoppler a fun-to-play game even after completing all levels. The achievements are:

  • reach the nest without loosing a life
  • complete a level in the given time limit
  • collect all coins (300 coins are worth one extra life)

If you’re fast and flawless and a good collector you might even get the “Awesomeness”-bonus on top. Will you achieve all goals in all levels?

The facts

iOS 4.0 and better
Retina support
Price (as of time being): 1.99 $
GameCenter support

The screenshots

The videos

YouTube: Hoppler - a jump’njump game for iOS
YouTube: Speedrun Level 1 “Easy Peasy”
YouTube: Speedrun Level 24 “The Name Of The Game”

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Michael Seiler
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