TIOnixie – Alarm Clock - StopWatch - Timer

TIOnixie is a “Three-In-One” nixie style clock. The three functions: clock incl. alarm, stop watch, timer.

Developing the design of TIOnixie we focused on the essentials of the nixie tubes. So we created a warm, deeply glowing and perfectly legible digit display. We created the pics of our digits from pictures of the Nixie tube Z 573 M. These tubes have been made during the sixties by RFT, a company which was based behind the iron curtain in the former GDR. The original tube has a size of just 19 mm, the digits into it only have 13 mm.

How does TIOnixie work: You can switch between its three functions – clock incl. alarm, stop watch and timer – with a swipe. To set the alarm just tap the icon at the bottom of the clock screen. Then: swipe over the digits to set them to the desired time, choose a sound or a song from your iPod library and move the slider. That´s it! To start the stop watch or the timer, just tap on the screen. Tap again to stop them and double tap to reset. To set the timer swipe over the digits as you know from the alarm settings. As easy as that!


  • 12 / 24 hour time format
  • Alarm clock incl. 3 different sounds and connection to the iPod library
  • Stop watch
  • Timer
  • Icons fade out to have a nice and clear screen (just tap anywhere to get them back)
  • Screen dimming: double tap the screen for dimming, tap once again to revoke it
  • Shake for light: shake the device to turn on the flashlight, shake again to turn it off.
  • Portrait and landscape mode in all three functions (just turn the device)
  • Animated rotation
  • Auto lock on / off
  • Show / hide date incl. calendar week
  • NEW: sounds in several functions
  • NEW: added Hi-Res grafics for iPhone4

Current version: 2.0

  • Requires:iOS 4.0 or later*
  • Languages: dutch, english, french, german, italian, japanese, portuguese, spanish

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